Uprooting the political status quo

Save Money – Undermine Socialism

Leverage – def. – power or ability to act or to influence people, events, decisions, etc.;

If only the human mind were designed for reason the world could be a very different place.  Our minds rationalize what we want and what we need.  How many of us have looked at a dessert and come up with grand bargains to justify eating a second piece.  We can’t just act, we have to convince ourselves that we are justified.

If we find ourselves in need of money our minds work the same way.  We might humble ourselves to ask a family member for money, we might be tempted to steal, or we might take a job we wouldn’t take under normal circumstances.  Afterwards we’ll be convinced we did the right thing if our need for money goes away.

Imagine, if you will, a whole society in need of money.  If a politician is promising financial salvation through handouts, how will that society react?  Will they stick to reason?  Will they ignore the common sense that tells us that there’s no free lunch.  No, many of them will forget what they know, and be seduced by the siren song of easy, senseless solutions.  The allure of socialism grows in the minds of desperate men.

Now imagine a society filled with savers.  Even if events beyond our control destroy one man’s savings he has family and friends who can pick him up.  Do men in this society come to be tempted by a social safety net?  Hardly.  It serves no purpose in a saving society.  The politicians peddling free lunch in the saving society face a more finicky vote and wouldn’t hope to win an election with this kind of platform.

If you value freedom, become a saver.  Encourage savings to your friends and family.  Ample savings gives us back the leverage against the power seeking politician.  Ample savings is an act of rebellion against the state.


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